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Fall Field Trip 2011

Planned for Nov. 12
Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory and nearby sites departing 10:00 am from the Deike Bldg. parking lot.

For its Fall field trip, the Biogeochemistry Dual Degree program will be visiting several research sites in the Shavers Creek/Shale Hills area of Huntingdon County.  We will tour the Shale Hills Critical Zone Observatory, then visit Jason Kaye's nearby "soil warming" field site, and finally end up at Shavers Creek to tour Kamini Singha and Mike Gooseff's "hydrological connectivity" field site. We will have lunch at Shavers Creek before returning to campus ca. 2 pm.

Fall Luncheon 2010

Weds. Sept. 29, 2010, 12:00-1:30 pm, EMS Museum (Deike Bldg.)
Catered lunch with talks by Denice Wardrop, Assistant Director of the Penn State Institutes for Energy and the Envrionment (PSIEE), and Biogeochemistry scholar Marshall McDaniel (Crop & Soil Science). Denice spoke about campus facilities and instrumentation for biogeochemistry research. The title of Marshall's talk was "Ecosystem disturbance in a warmer and wetter northeastern US: How will soil C and N losses and microbial communities respond to forest harvest in the future?" The lunch was attended by ~ 25 scholars and faculty.

Spring Luncheon 2009

April 2009. Catered lunch with research talks by new Biogeochemistry faculty member and landscape ecologist Erica Smithwick (Geography) and Biogeochemistry Ph.D. student Luke McCormack (Ecology). The lunch was attended by ~20 scholars and faculty.

Fall Field Trip 2009

The fall field trip for students and faculty will be Saturday, October 17. The trip will be led by Bill Burgos (Civil & Environmental Engineering). Bill and his colleagues are engaged in interdisciplinary study of acid mine drainage in coal mining areas of Pennsylvania. The field trip will provide views of the geology and anthropogenic landforms in the southwestern part of the state, along with good examples of geochemical, microbiological, and hydrological attributes of acid mine drainage and engineered systems constructed in an effort to mitigate its effects on water quality and ecosystem health.

The trip will leave from the EES Building parking lot (west side of campus) at 9 am and return by 3 pm. Transportation and picnic lunch (at Horseshoe Curve Park) will be provided. Please be prepared for mud/mist, sun, wind, etd. Rain date is Sunday October 18.

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