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The information below is meant to assist current and prospective Biogeochemistry scholars and faculty navigate the dual-title degree requirements. For more detailed information or questions, please contact the Director or Program Assistant Angela Packer.

Admission to the Biogeochemistry Dual-Title Degree Program

Once a student has been accepted to a major program of study, application to the dual-title degree program can occur immediately or at a later time, such as upon matriculation. The application to the dual-title degree program should be completed before scheduling the candidacy examination in the major program.

Students applying to the program must submit a short essay describing their interest in biogeochemistry research. The application should be reviewed and signed by the advisor and ideally, by the student's Biogeochemisty co-advisor (see below under Degree Requirements). In certain cases, applications may be approved without a co-advisor's signature. However, students are encouraged to seek out a co-advisor early, and the co-advisor should be identified by the time of the candidacy exam.

Degree Requirements

Course Options

Biogeochemistry students must complete the requirements for their major graduate program and, in addition, specific
requirements for the biogeochemistry dual-title program. For the dual-title offering in biogeochemistry, students
need to complete 15 credits.

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