Diana Ayala visits Wagenigen University, Netherlands, on SIAM Talent Grant

Diana Ayala was awarded a SIAM Talent Grant to attend a summer school in anaerobic microbiology in the Wagenigen University in the Netherlands in August 2017. I think this is an amazing opportunity for other people who are also interested in anaerobic microbes. Here is the link of the SIAM website http://anaerobic-microbiology.eu/talent-talk/?platform=hootsuite .

“The lab work was so well-organized by Irene S√°nchez-Andrea, Diana Sousa, Cornelia Welte and Laura Villanueva that I definitely learned by having hands on work all the time. In addition, I was able to learn and interact from the best in the field of anaerobic microbiology: Rolf Thauer, Friedrich Widdel, Fons Stams and Caroline Plugge. I felt so honored to share this time with all these incredible scientists”

Diana would be happy to talk about her experience with whomever might be interested in applying for the SIAM Talent Grant.

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