For Current Students

We are constantly trying to update and create resources that are useful to our current dual-title degree seeking students. If there is information that you wish were included, please email Mara Cloutier at

Below is a list of workshops that may be of interest to Biogeochemistry students:

EMBO 2019 will be in the Netherlands and is highly recommended for students interested in anaerobic microorganisms:

Below is a list of classes offered fall 2018:

GEOSC 409– Geomicrobiology

GEOSC 413– Techniques in Environmental Geochemistry

GEOSC 419– The Organic Chemistry of Natural Waters and Sediments

GEOSC 452– Hydrogeology

GEOSC 502– Evolution of the Biosphere

BMMB 538– Spectroscopic Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry

BMB 401/402– General Biochemistry

BMB 428– Physical Chemistry with Biological Applications

BMB 442– Laboratory in Proteins, Nucleic Acids, and Molecular Cloning

BMB 445W– Lab in Molecular Genetics

CE 479– Environmental Microbiology for Engineers

CE 475– Water Quality Chemistry

CE 564– Sediment Transport in Alluvial Streams

CE 570– Environmental Aquatic Chemistry

CE 576– Environmental Transport Processes

CE 578– Groundwater Remediation

CHEM 450– Physical Chemistry – Thermodynamics

CHEM 452– Physical Chemistry – Quantum Chemistry

CHEM 540– Biophysical Chemistry

CHEM 476– Biological Chemistry

CHEM 408– Computational Chemistry

CHEM 525– Analytical Separation

CHEM 526– Spectroscopic Analysis

CHEM 538– Spectroscopic Methods in Bioinorganic Chemistry

HORT 402– Plant Nutrition

MICROB 421– Lab of General and Applied Microbiology

MICROB 401– Microbial Physiology and Structure

PPEM 405– Microbe-Plant Interactions: Plant Disease and Biological Control

PPEM 440– Environmental Microbiomes: Concepts and Analysis Tools

PPEM 454– Virus Ecology

SOILS 405– Hydropedology

SOILS 403– Soil Morphology Practicum

SOILS 571– Ecosystem Nutrient Cycles

SOILS 502– Soil Properties and Functions

SOILS 416– Soil Genesis and Classification

SOILS 507– Soil Physics

SOILS 412W– Soil Ecology

*This list does to include special topics courses (497/597).